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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Islamization Of The U.K. Continues

British courts to allow veils during trials:
The guidance has been drawn up by senior judges on the Judicial Studies Board’s Equal Treatment Advisory Committee. It said: “There is room for diversity and there should be willingness to accommodate different practices and approaches to religious and cultural observance.”

It added: “While there may be a diversity of opinions and debates between Muslims about the nature of dress required, for the judicial system the starting point should be respect for the choice made, and for each woman to decide on the extent and nature of the dress she adopts.”

Forcing a woman to choose between participating in a court case or removing the veil could have a “significant impact on her sense of dignity”, it added, and could serve to “exclude and marginalise” her.
*Tears dripping off my face* But we have to understannnd and be respectful of their cullllture...


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