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Saturday, July 14, 2007

More Islamic Justice

Hmm... a 17-year-old boy is to be executed in the Islamic Republic of Iran for having sex with his girlfriend.
Tehran, 13 July (AKI) - A court in Sanandaj, in Iranian Kurdistan, has sentenced to death Mosleh Zamani, 17, on charges he had sexual relations with his girlfriend before the two were married.

Another 22 minors along with Mosleh are reportedly today on death row in Iran.
Where is Amnesty International? Where is the U.N. Human Rights Commission?

If any western nation did something like this, it would be covered 24/7 by every single news network. To me, it seems more bigoted to not cover these stories. I say the absence of coverage is an admission by the MSM that this sort of thing is not news-worthy because they expect this sort of thing from these places where Shari'a is the law. Hey, it's just their culture.


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