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Sunday, October 21, 2007

CNN: Keeping Them Honest- Global Warming™

I watched "Keeping Them Honest" on CNN tonight. The subject was Global Warming™, An Inconvenient Truth, and the recent decision by a Brit judge attacking the content of Archbishop Gore's Academy Award-winning documentary.

This piece of propagandist trash would shame even Fox News Channel. CNN's moniker, "The most trusted name in news" is so laughable nowadays that it make Fox's "Fair and balanced" seem perfectly reasonable.

Anyway, this hour-long political blow-job of Nobel Laureate Al Gore was so one sided that it made the film in question seem centrist. In one segment, noted Global Warming™ skeptic and lead author of the 2001 IPCC report, meteorologist Dr. John Christy, had this exchange with a disgustingly smug Miles O'Brien (not to be confused with Transporter Chief Miles O'Brien on Star Trek: TNG):
CHRISTY: Well, the carbon dioxide is going up. And remember that carbon dioxide is plant food in the fundamental sense. All of life depends on the fact carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere. So, we're fortunate it's not a toxic gas. But, on the other hand, what is the climate doing. And when we build -- and I'm one of the few people in the world that actually builds these climate data sets -- we don't see the catastrophic changes that are being promoted all over the place.

For example, I suppose CNN did not announce two weeks ago when the Antarctic sea ice extent reached its all-time maximum, even though, in the Arctic in the North Pole, it reached its all-time minimum.

O'BRIEN: Let's talk about the critics in general. Many of the critics we hear from have links to the fossil fuel industry. A lot of their funding comes from the coal and oil industries.

How about you?

CHRISTY: All of my funding is federal and state grants. And I apply for them and write my papers, which are peer-reviewed. So, I have disengaged and never was really involved in any of that.
I haven't found a video yet, read the full transcript here.

There was another segment where CNN pointed out that 70% of Chinese people polled listed "environmental issues" as the greatest threat to humanity. Not global warming, but"environmental issues". I suppose CNN feels this is synonymous with global warming, even though the typical air quality in most major Chinese cities is so bad as to be off the charts in the West, and their average tap-water is a toxic chemical sludge that would make the deluge in the wake of Hurricane Katrina seem like a freshly cracked bottle of San Pellegrino. I'm sure this is all Bush's fault somehow, though.

Note to the Lib's: It's propaganda like this that turns centrists like me off to your cause.



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