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Monday, December 24, 2007

True Mom Confessions

I just got home from visiting the family, so I decided to check out this site I heard about on Rush Limbaugh today. www.truemomconfessions.com is a web forum where mothers log in and bitch about this or that. Most of it's mundane, but I saw a few that really ticked me off.

This one is pissed because her neither her lover nor husband got her a gift:
My lover didn't get me a Christmas present. I even gave him broad hints. He also didn't remember my birthday. I am going to stop seeing him. I already have a husband who doesn't spoil me, I certainly am not going to have a lover that doesn't spoil me either.
Huh. Maybe it's because you're a gold-digging shrew?

This one calls her step-children "horrible little assholes":
I hate Christmas! I hate being a stepmom to these horrible little assholes. I hate that his child support went up AGAIN, and that he chose to procreate with such gold digging whores! Bah Humbug.
How charming :)

This rich girl married an average guy...
I married down. WAY down. Daddy makes millions(not exaggerating) and hubby makes less then 50k annually. It is SO HARD not to go running back home to mummy and daddy during times like this, when we can't even give my babies a decent xmas. I miss being a trust fund baby damn it!!!!!!
I would love to know what this one thinks a "decent xmas" means.

There were many many posts about getting drunk to put up with their families, and a blizzard of complaints that Turner Classic Movies went off the air for a couple of hours.

I have the feeling that most women think these sort of things quite often, it's just now they have a place to say them anonymously. I also have a feeling that there are more than a few trolls on this site, maybe I will create an account...



Blogger ordinary girl said...

I have the feeling that most women think these sort of things quite often

Think again

12/26/2007 5:03 PM  
Blogger Venjanz said...

I meant the general posts on the site, not the bad ones I copied hehe.

12/26/2007 11:35 PM  

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