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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Matchdoctor Strikes Again

Not more than 12 hours after I posted this, Matchdoctor sent me yet another set of profiles. I'm beginning to think that a major cause of erectile dysfunction in America can be attributed to Matchdoctor and the god-awful matches they send unsolicited to men's inboxes.

Let us begin.

First we have "lady231" who kinda looks like Sam Kinison:

Not my type, I think. Profile?

No luck there. Let's check out "Lil'1":

Nothing is more attractive than a glazed-eyed chick smoking a blunt in pajamas, puffing herself to oblivion inside a tent.

Up next, "Plattecity"!

Look, you may want a man to sire a child to fulfill your maternal urges, but you're obviously a lesbian.

Last and least, "Swtpie"

I have to admit she's kinda cute, and sorta looks like Bruce Willis' French chick in Pulp Fiction.



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