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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Police Brutality Vids

This isn't something I normally cover, but these two videos got my attention today.

First, we have a Baltimore Police officer stepping way over the line with a group of young teens illegally skateboarding:

The "officer" puts a non-resistant 14-year-old boy 1/3 his weight in a headlock and tosses him to the ground, threatens further physical violence, and arguably levies a death threat. This po-lice-man has been suspended pending an investigation.

Granted, that Eric Bush kid was a bit mouthy, but come on Officer Rivieri, lighten up. Yes, I too would be a tad pissed if I had spent 17 years on The Force, and they made me dress in tennis socks and low-tops, postman shorts, a corny windbreaker, and then forced me to uphold the law in an electric clown-car. Yeah, I would be pissed enough to quit. You should have too, you hot-headed prick.

Now look at you, Mr. Rivieri. You WILL be fired, never to work in law enforcement again. They may even take your pension if you are convicted of a crime here. They may anyway.

Personally, I hope that Eric takes your sorry ass and the Baltimore Police to the cleaners in a civil lawsuit, and then they toss your fat ass in jail with a couple of hard, pipe-hittin' niggaz, that will go to work... Because I know if you are capable of this, then you have committed far worse crimes in your career when the cameras were not rolling.

Next video... A Hillsborough County, Florida Sheriff's deputy dumps a quadriplegic man on the floor after an arrest, because she doesn't believe the man (Brian Sterner) is really paralyzed:

Even from this poor footage, you can see the man's Steven Hawking-like emaciated lower-body, and it's obvious that he can't walk. The "officer" that did the dumping and her four supervisors on duty are now suspended without pay pending the investigation. ( Story from FOX News in Tampa Bay.)

Another lawsuit here, I would wager. Especially since no report on the incident was filed, and the Department didn't know about this until a FOX news reporter showed them the video that somebody leaked.

One more comment. I hate to inject race in to this, but I can't help but wonder what would be the reaction if a white male police officer had done this to a black female quadriplegic.



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