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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar-Daniel Muñoz

I was looking for some Spanish/flamenco guitar vids tonight, and this was just about the most viewed:

I'm not sure what impressed me the most:
A. Daniel Muñoz.
B. That there is a "German Idol" spin-off of American Idol.
C. Their "Paula" looks a lot like our Paula, but much hotter.
I think it's A.

After listining to the songs on his site, I think this dude needs to cut out the synthesizer-eurotechnotrash bullshit and just sing play guitar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

their paula is so Not hotter than the real paula.. she isnt even famous.

3/23/2008 1:11 PM  
Blogger Venjanz said...

Well, I will have to respectfully disagree with you on that one.

3/25/2008 12:47 AM  

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