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Monday, April 14, 2008

EU Church of Global Warming™ Demands United States Airlines Pay Carbon Credits Indulgences

While Islamist thugs run amok all over Western Europe virtually unopposed, the delusional Liberal socialists that run these nations have decided to crack down on one of the biggest threats to the safety of the entire planet: The United States Airline Industry!
Under their plan, airlines will be allocated carbon credits that they use to "pay" for their CO2 emissions on an annual basis. Airlines that come in under their quota will end the year with extra credits which they can then sell on the carbon market. And they'll have plenty of buyers -- pollution spewing airlines that exceed their yearly allowance will need to buy additional credits. This, in a nutshell, is how carbon trading works.

European airlines aren't exactly doing cartwheels over the plan, though with carbon trading a key part of the Continent's environmental strategy, they must have seen it coming. But non-European carriers say it's unfair and potentially illegal that the scheme is being imposed on any airline flying into or out of the EU.

The US airlines aren't having it. They say the Europeans are being hysterical and that forced participation in their carbon trading plan violates international treaties. The Air Transport Association, the trade group for US carriers, calls the European's focus on aviation emissions "out of proportion" and believes that the US industry is having success with market driven approaches like buying more fuel-efficient aircraft, reducing the weight of their planes, and investigating alternative fuels.
You see, instead of facing their own problems and facing their own hypocrisy, it's far easier to play victim and blame the USA, which thanks to the inept Bush Administration, has become a convenient target for all the worlds woes. People from the third world are still beating down our doors to live here, though. Go figure.

As Jammie Wearing Fool pointed out today, the whole point of the Global Warming hype is less about saving the Earth and humanity, and more about wealth redistribution and a centralized (i.e. socialist) global economy.
  • China, now the worlds #1 CO2 emitter and worlds worst environmental polluter, gets a pass.
  • Brazil is chopping down hundreds of thousands of the Amazon Rain Forest per year, the so-called "lungs of the world", they gets a pass.
  • The Muslim billionaires of the Middle East whom live in air-conditioned opulent palaces and build gigantic buildings in a region where 120 degree heat is not unusual, and also gallivant around the world in private jets and yachts the size of cruise liners, which was paid for by petrodollars... They get a pass too.
I could go on for pages and pages.

This whole situation reminds of a chapter in Bernard Goldberg's Bias, where he writes about how the Liberals in the media distorted the facts of the AIDS epidemic in the 80's in order to push an agenda.

The Liberal media saw the AIDS crisis as an opportunity to finally unite the world in a common cause, to fight a global plague that threatened all of humanity. The problem was that the demographics of Americans infected with HIV was decidedly politically incorrect, as they were (and still are) mostly African-Americans, homosexuals, the homeless, immigrants, and IV drug users. The solution was to ignore the facts, and only tell the tales of heterosexual White suburban Americans who were infected. This way, the majority of the population would rise to do something before AIDS rampaged across Suburbia, USA.

We all watched the TV movie about Ryan White.

The same thing is happening today. While AIDS has taken a backseat, the Libs realize that Global Warming is now the ULTIMATE threat to all of humanity, and therefore this can finally unite the entire world in a common cause, and end all war and strife. We are all at risk. We must take collective action, and unite, or die. However it's up to "The West" to curb it's carbon emissions and save the world, because it's unfair to ask "developing nations" to curtail their CO2 output when we have so much money, even though we have already dumped trillions of dollars of aid to help them develop.

The only thing better for them would be a gigantic asteroid about to hit Earth, preferably in the Midwest of the United States, where all the Republicans live. THEN the right-wing fascists would finally realize that they are part of a global community, and then we could unite the world in a common cause...



Anonymous mod said...

The people you satirically call "right wing fascists" BUILT the GD global community, like it or not.

4/17/2008 11:56 AM  

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