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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Global Warming™ Strikes Again: Record Cold in Australia, Frost in the Deep South

I guess I'm gonna have to hold off on buying that future beach front property in Vermont. Record cold is being reported in Australia.
Temperatures across NSW will again plummet early on Wednesday, with meteorologists forecasting the mercury will drop even further than during Tuesday's record cold snap.

Between 6.11am (AEST) and 6.20am (AEST), Sydney recorded a temperature of 8.6 degrees celsius.

"In Sydney (that) was the coldest April night in 25 years and temperatures are going to be colder tonight," senior forecaster with The Weather Channel, Gavin Morris told AAP.

"We will probably break that record for Sydney tonight."
Even more disturbing, according to the National Weather Service, frost is expected tonight as far south as Statesboro, GA. 20 degrees below average here, but hey.

Bismarck, North Dakota, which will be a tropical rain forest by 2050, recorded a record low of 18 degrees on April 27.

Never forget.


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