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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Uncle Tom" Obama

I didn't say it; Daily Kos, New Mainstream of the Democratic Party, did.
I just watched Barack throw someone who has been a huge part of his life overboard because a bunch of white-bread advisors told him he had to.

And why? Because white America was freaked out by a black preacher!

I thought Barack was going to lead us past that. I thought he was bigger than that. I thought he was different.

But NNNOOOOOOO! Now he is engaged in the worst kind of pandering. He has told us, in no uncertain terms, that he is no different than the Clintons: anyone who interferes with what you are doing gets thrown to the wolves.

And Barack didn't stop there. He threw every black man, woman and child overboard too! What Rev Wright has to say is what every black American believes: that racism is alive and well and living in white middle class America.

Unfortunately, Barack has decided that he doesn't need black votes to win. I'm sure he was told by his white advisors that "black folk" will support him anyway. So why not come out and disrespect the whole community. Barack didn't transcend black-white politics; rather he chose to become white!

All because some white folks on CNN were appalled that Rev Wright didn't shuffle in and say "yes massa".
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