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Saturday, June 04, 2005

People Who Inspire Me 2

Part 2
This is part two of the series.This is about musical artists that have changed my life.

Eric “Eazy-E” Wright

When I was a kid, I listened to The Fat Boys, Doug E. Fresh, etc., but when Eazy-Duz-It came out, I was enthralled. I played this cassette so much that I had to buy it 3 times because I kept wearing it out.

Eric Wright was a drug dealer in Compton, CA. He used the money he earned from selling drugs to start Ruthless Records. Eazy-E’s crew included:

Andre “Dr. Dre” Young, O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson, Lorenzo “MC Ren” Patterson, and Antoine “DJ Yella” Carraby.

This is like a who’s who of gangsta rap.

When Straight Outta Compton was released, the sounds of the black ghetto were unleashed on white America, and we loved it.

My friends and I know all the words to almost all the NWA and Eazy-E songs. To this day, we STILL will sit around and rap NWA lyrics.

We grew up with Eazy-E and NWA, and it was as much a part of our lives as were the Transformers, GI Joe and Full House.

Eazy-E died of AIDS in 1995.

Another modicum of respect I have for Eric. He lived what he wrote.

Tracy “Ice-T” Marrow

Ice-T is one of the best black entertainers whom has ever lived. When O.G. came out, I tried to go to a gun store and buy a shotgun.

Ice-T is not the best rapper, not the best actor, and not the best song writer, but he is good at all of these things. The New Jack of all Trades.

O.G. may be my favorite CD of all time.

Ice-T also starred in some of my favorite movies. Gary Busey and Rutger Hower starred with T in Surviving The Game, and who can forget Ice-T in New Jack City?

When T was chasing Chris Rock at the start of New Jack City:

“Ahh, Ahh!
"You think your hard, you think your slick you blasphemous dope-fiend bitch?!?!”

GREAT cinema! Back the fuck up, Cary Grant!

Ice-T is so hard, that he would bust a cap in his own ass, if he was bored.

My friend Ben drew a great picture of Ice-T once, but didn’t send it to him because he was afraid that T would come to his house, cut off his power, and do him with the lights out.

Real or fiction? We will never know.

Jimmy Paige

If you are not familiar with this man’s music, you suck and have no life. Aside from Eric Clapton, this man has written the most memorable guitar music of all time. I have neither the time nor the inclination to list all of the great music he created with the profit, Robert Plant, but I will relate a quick story:

The reason I started playing guitar was that I wanted to learn “Over the Hills and Far Away,” so I could show off to my friends, and stick my penis in women. I DID learn to play it eventually, but I would usually muff it so badly that I refused to do it after awhile.

In lieu, I would play other Led Zeppelin songs for people. For instance:
Misty Mountain Hop
The Immigrant Song
Black Dog
Hey Hey, What Can I Do?
Dyer Maker
The Girl I love

And on, and on and on….

In honest retrospect, the only reason that I ever wanted to play the guitar is that I felt that this ability would give me a better chance of getting laid.

I was right.

John Fogerty

John wrote so many good songs, that he once grew a 25” boner at a concert when he thought about what a bad-ass he was.

Most people do not know that the “Proud Mary” abomination sung by Tina Turner was a Credence Clearwater Revival song written by John Fogerty.

Fogerty wrote “Susie Q” “Who’ll Stop the Rain?” “Fortunate Son” “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” “Green River” “Down on the Corner” “Lodi,” and on and on and on…

In my grand plot to stick my penis in women, I first learned to play these songs on my guitar, before I learned the Led Zeppelin ones.

When John returned from Vietnam, he and his brother Tom created Credence Clearwater Revival. John was the genius behind the music, but he failed to read the fine print on his contract with the record company that basically stated that anything they recorded was the property of the company, and the band would get a flat fee no matter how many millions of records they sold.

Hey we all make mistakes.

Fogerty went solo in the 70’s, and being legally barred from performing the music he created, John eventually composed a record titled Centerfield.

To this day, John Fogerty still does not have the rights to the best songs he wrote.

Part 3 comming soon...



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