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Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Giant is Stirring

At this point, anybody that doesn’t see the left wing liberal bias in the main stream media is brain-dead. Sorry, there is no argument, the facts are in; the MSM with few exceptions slants the news to the left. The good news is that the American public realizes this, and is starting to rebel. The circulation of newspapers considered liberal (New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, this could go on forever, etc.) has been dropping dramatically over the last few years, while centrist and conservative/ right leaning newspapers have shown a corresponding increase in circulation. Talk radio is completely dominated by conservative hosts. Any story filed by the AP and Reuters is now suspect at best. The CBS Evening News, long considered to be the most liberally biased evening news program, has rotted in the bottom of the ratings barrel for years and years, according to Neilson Media Research. Katie Couric took over as anchor, and the ratings shot up due to the hype for a couple weeks; and now they’re back in the cellar, again. A recent study has reveled that 74% of registered Republicans think the MSM has a liberal bias; no surprise there. What is a surprise is that 50% of registered Democrats also think that the MSM has a liberal bias. Combined, that’s a majority folks, and as usual, the American people are voting with their wallets.

America is a conservative country, get over it.


What did you think when you read that word? I bet you felt nothing. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have, nearly by themselves, completely desensitized the American public to this word. No thinking person takes these two hypocritical con-artists seriously anymore. Louis Farrakhan? I tend not to listen to people whom think that the Caucasian race was created by an evil African mad scientist, and think that all the white people in America will be killed by a giant flying saucer shooting fire and poison gas, but I have to give him credit on a couple of points: He tells poor Black people in the ghetto to get off the drugs, stop drinking, get off welfare, stop having illegitimate children, don’t listen to Jesse and Al, they are your enemy, work hard and make something of yourself. I think it was in 2001 I watched a slavery reparations rally on CSPAN, and Louis was the only speaker that got up on stage and tell the crowd to forget reparations and get out of the slums by working hard. He left the stage to lukewarm applause.

I would, if I was a Black man, find Affirmative Action more offensive than the Jim Crow Laws. Since Affirmative Action has prevented me from being hired in the past, I find it even more offensive as a white man. I don’t understand how you could possibly take pride in your self and your work when there is a nagging question: “Did I get hired because of my abilities, or because they had to hire me?” Humans have egos, and you don’t satisfy the desire to achieve success by giving hand outs.

Illegal Immigration

Put up the wall, deport them all. They take up 30% of our prison cells; they commit 25% of the murders. The federal government should do one of the few things the constitution mandates them to do: Defend the borders! Take the Army out of Iraq if you have to, and put them on the border. O.K., I will relent on the deportation a bit. Get the army down there, and put up the wall first, then we can grant amnesty to the 12-13 million that are here already. I think America would better benefit from paying $.80 more for a head of lettuce and having the tax burden reduced by $35 Billion. You can not have a welfare state and open borders at the same time.


Low hanging fruit… Please see my previous posts for more info.

-Tommy Masterson


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