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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

News Review

UPDATE11/24: TOLD YA! If anybody listened to me, they made a few bucks. US Airways Group, LLC, has gained nearly $3 per share since the "Incident"

Well let’s see… since the Democrats were chosen by the American and Mexican people to lead the Congress, there has been much rejoice in the world. Muslim terrorist organizations, rogue nations, various communist and pseudo-socialist governments (Western Europe) from around the world have joined in celebration with the majority of the American public. Supreme Warlord Premier George Walter Bush is acting less like the President of the United States, and more like a whipped puppy, sucking on Pelosi’s dried up teats.

This vast shift of power has occurred, and yet even before the Democrats take control, they are already falling flat on their faces; so much so there has been talk of ousting Pelosi as the incoming House Speaker. One of the promises made by the Democrats was to “end corruption in the Congress”… Anybody that bought that should have their citizenship revoked and be sent to Siberia. I don’t think any reasonable American believed that crap, but in an effort to test just how stupid the American people were, Pelosi decided to try to force in to power two of the most corrupt men in politics: John “Ethics reform is total crap” Murtha, and Alcee “Impeached by the Democrats” Hastings.
Did you vote Democrat for your House rep? That’s your leader. At least Clinton waited until he was in office. I underestimated the resolve of the new moderate Democrats: They squashed this bullshit with extreme prejudice.

If that weren't enough, the incoming Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Democrat Charles Rangel, has promised to put forth a bill to reinstate the draft. Yes, THE draft. All this less than three weeks after the Democrats won the majority. Watching the Democrat’s post-election political maneuvering is like watching the Keystone Kops trying to arrest Al Capone.

In other news, six Muslims were kicked off a U.S. Airways flight after praying to Allah (loudly) before getting on the plane, bitching about the Iraq War and bashing America in general. To top it off, they all sat apart, and refused to leave when the flight crew demanded they do so after the complaints. I suspect these “holy men” provoked this incident; it's all too obvious. The spokesman of the “Minneapolis Six”, Omar Ahmad Shahin, has proven links to Hamas and Al-Qaeda (the mass media is of course ignoring this). CAIR, the Sharia law and jihad promoting terrorist front organization that the mass media thinks speaks for all American Muslims, is calling for an investigation and a boycott. If Muslims boycott U.S. Airways, I know what airline I will fly next time.

Stock tip: Buy US Airways Group, LLC! It’s listed on the NYSE.

Iran-backed Hezbollah and/or Syria assassinated Pierre Amine Gemayel, a Christian from a family of strong willed Lebanese politicians, whom was arguably the last best chance for Lebanon to form a stable democracy. Now that France is guarding the southern border of Lebanon, defending Hezbollah from Israel, Hezbollah will be free to take over the country. Expect this to happen within the next three months.

-Tommy Masterson


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