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Friday, December 15, 2006

News Round Up, 12/14/06

To start, I want to say that the Fergalisious post was an inside joke, and I have removed the video. If you want to wack-off to Fergie, you can easily find what she’s got-got on Al-YouTube. Tasty, tasty!

Illegal immigrants had a bad week: Thousands of illegals were rounded up by the Fed’s this week at 6 Swift and Company meat packing plants. Many of these people got their jobs with stolen identities; stolen American identities, but yet the MSM chooses not to condemn these criminals, even when they are sapping BILLIONS of your tax dollars. Instead, they seek to stir your sympathy with pictures like these:

Another illegal was arrested on immigration charges.
This "Asian youth", Mohammed Yusef Mullawala, just wanted to get a CDL and Hazmat licence, very quickly. He was an illegal alien, just seeking the American dream, right? The police are baffled according to the AP, why this Pakistani Muslim on an expired visa wanted to only learn how to drive a semi forward, and did not care to learn to back up. I have no clue either. What a shocka!

I do have empathy for poor people, even illegals that are just trying to support their families and make a better life for themselves. However there is a very hard, black line when these people start committing crimes in the United States. At that point I have no sympathy, no remorse. If you use an American’s SSN to get a job, get a bank account, etc., you and your family should be arrested and shipped back to whatever county you came from, immediately. These illegals commit an extremely disproportional amount of the violent crimes in America. They are 30% of our prison population. I could quote FBI statistics that prove this, but I don’t feel like it: Do your own research. The bottom line is that the cost of protecting illegal immigrants under the law puts an enormous and unnecessary tax burden on the American public. $30 Billion per year; ($100 for every American man, woman, and child) that is coming out of YOUR pockets. And don’t tell me some bullshit about how they pay taxes without the benefit of Social Security. I don’t care. The burden these people put on the American tax payer far exceeds the low-price produce from Caliphornia.

Well, the 21st century Hitler is holding a Holocaust denial rally in Tehran.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is currently the most dangerous man in the world. He declares weekly that he will “wipe Israel off the map”, build nuclear weapons, and set forth the end times by unleashing the 12th Imam from his well.

Speaking of Russia, the there is no chance that the FSB pulled off the Polonium-210 assassination of Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko, like I said before. As the evidence mounts, it’s looking more and more like the Russian Mafia did it, but I still think the Israeli Mossad carried out the assassination.

In other news, a bunch of “militant” Muslims killed 100’s of innocent people this week. Wait, that’s not news, it happens every week. No news there; we all know that there are moderate Muslims, but there is no such thing as moderate Islam. Why Billions of people follow the words of the psychopathic murderer and pedophile Mohammed (May He Burn in Hell), I will never understand.



Anonymous mod said...

Agreed. Well, 99% agreed.

Here you say "I do have empathy for poor people, even illegals that are just trying to support their families and make a better life for themselves."

Then, immediately after, you say "However there is a very hard, black line when these people start committing crimes in the United States. At that point I have no sympathy, no remorse."

You used the word yourself...I gotta ask bro, what does the word "illegals" mean? These people, even the poor ones "just trying to support their family" commit a crime against the United States the minute they cross over illegally, irregardless (wink) of if they have a stolen ID or not. I don't care what the deal is, trouncing on the law of your new home before you step foot into it is just plain wrong and disrespectful, and says volumes about your character. There's a right way and a wrong way to do things, and I've heard enough accounts of people from Mexico, even poor people from Mexico, coming over legally after setting their mind to it, to know its possible, and also to have no sympathy for those who wanna take the easy road. Changing your nationality shouldn't be easy, you need to demonstrate that you are dedicated and intend to better the place you are going to. Illegal? In my book, you don't belong. Period. Learn the language, learn the history, learn the culture, and for the love of god, INTEGRATE. The only change I would want to see in current immigration standards would be MUCH stricter and tougher testing, and a MUCH smaller fee. Let those who want to be here for admiration of America come, and those looking for a quick buck go to Hell.

12/21/2006 12:49 AM  
Blogger Venjanz said...

Mod I agree completely. What I did not quite make clear was, while yes these people criminals for even being here I can tolerate that. However, me and any real Americans can not and should not tolerate any kind of violent or financial crime, nay any active criminal activities from illegals what so ever. Or any kind of social welfare. I don’t care how poor they are, I don’t care if their family is destitute. Section 1 of 14th amendment was wise and just when it was ratified, but is now a ball and chain on our economy, and a threat to American values. After the Dem’s kill any and all sympathy for their liberal causes over the next two years, maybe we can get a Congress and President elected to overturn this disgrace.

12/21/2006 10:18 PM  

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