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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Banned by YouTube

O.K., so I deserved it. I was banned from al-YouTube because I liked to cross the line. Strike one was a video capture of The Sims 2, featuring two women I created making out in slow motion… naked with full frontal nudity for the last minute. Strike 2 was my remix of the jihad rap video Dirty Kuffar using Dark Heart’s “Ya Get Skeeted On” for the music. Strike 3 was when I posted the SNL Jingleheimer Junction skit.

I have a new account with Google Video, and will soon be reposting my masterpieces that generated almost 20,000* views in 3 months.


*An estimation based on the average number of people logged in to YouTube at any given time, VS the number of people that SHOULD watch my videos.


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