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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Right Wing Conspiracy Nets an Extra $1100 from MLB Teams

Bu$HitlerChaneyRove wins again!

Apparently, this is considered "news" at the Huffington Post. Released today were presidential campaign donations by various MLB teams during the second quarter of 2007, and … Oh the horror! $1100 more was donated to Republicans over Democrats:
In the front offices and luxury skyboxes of America's ballparks, Republican presidential candidates appear to be winning the contest for political contributions from the owners of Major League Baseball teams, according to campaign finance records at the Huffington Post's FundRace 2008.

Despite an early GOP lead in fundraising among the titans of America's pastime, at least seven club owners who have given heavily to the Republican Party in past elections have yet to open up their checkbooks for any of the party's declared candidates.

And Republicans hold only the slimmest of leads over Democrats in total dollars raised.

Through the second quarter of 2007, GOP candidates collected $25,800 from Major League Baseball owners.

Democrats pulled in $24,700.
While I have to claim some credit for this victory because I am the Director of IT on the NeoCon Space Station, and 3rd adviser to Oberstgruppenfuhrer Rove, I have to give props to the Leftists on HuffPo for their Holmes-like deductive skills:
GOP won't scruitinize steroid use...it's part of the "Win at any cost" culture.

...millionaires who exploit young athletes by lobbying to keep the Government from enforcing drug laws on pro sports - you mean, those guys are funding the Repugs? OMG! shocking news!

Delusional rich white men who can't police their own sport when it comes to drugs. Who the f**k cares who they support?

That's not surprising for two reasons:
1) Bush was a team owner.
2) Team owners condone cheating (steroid use) for profit.

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