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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Huffington Post: Bush Caused Bridge Collapse

No surprise here.
My wife and I are not wealthy people but we paid nearly two thousand dollars in Federal taxes last month. What do you think it went for - Iraq - the misadventure and eventually into Halliburton's coffers - or building and or repairing bridges and infrastructure in the mainland USA?
We deserve it:
Your tax cuts at work. We can only hope that the people that voted for bush and the tax cuts these past seven years are the people that end up dying from the crumbling infrastructure, after all they truely deserve it!
Uh... I believe that Minnesota voted Democrat in 2004...
If I catch one of these tax dodgers on public roads I helped pay for, then I get to blow them off my road with a rocket launcher. After all, fair is fair.
Tin-Foil Hat:
500 billion stolen by Cheney and his energy minions - There's little left for fixing things here. So Bush-Cheney is responsible for the bridge falling.
Is that the summer-attack Bush-Cheney were talking about?
O.K. you get the idea. This was all on the first page. The rest of the posts were lefties and trolls flaming each other.

In June of 2006, a report(PDF)detailed the problems with the bridge. Potential problems were first recognized in 2001(PDF), when the "plane distortion" was detected, and the lack of a redundant truss system noted. In 2005, the bridge was listed as "structurally deficient" and in possible need of replacement. (Source: Wikipedia)

The full truth will come out eventually, but as usual this tragedy is being politicised before the bodies are even out of the water. There was even some chick on Fox News last night that suggested global warming may be to blame. Right now on MSNBC, Barny Frank is talking about how this will help the Democrats win in 2008.

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