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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Why not Ron Paul?

I have to break with my Right-Wing allies when it comes to Dr. Paul. They seem to believe that Paul and Libertarians in general are just a bunch of anti-tax kooks. The left seems to support him solely because of his position on Iraq, and well I guess he’s considered the “anti-candidate” for the Republicans. I would support Ron Paul’s presidential bid in a second if I thought he had a chance. Without a long-winded explanation of his political views, I think they could be best summed up with the Libertarian mantra of “Personal freedom based on a foundation of personal responsibility”, a return to the Gold Standard, non-interventionist foreign policy, etc.

These views include:
  • No “nanny state”
  • Elimination of the IRS and Federal Reserve, and return to the Gold Standard
  • Withdrawal from NATO, NAFTA, WTO, UN, etc.
  • Legalization or at lest decriminalization of drugs
  • Seal the Mexico border (really do something about it, not just lies and a ghost fence)
  • Juries have the right to judge the law (if they feel the law is unjust, they can decide not to convict)
  • No Federal Church vs. State laws
  • No national health care
  • No Welfare or Affirmative Action, or anything else that’s legal discrimination
  • Net Neutrality
Basically he wants a weak Federal Government, and I couldn’t agree more.

Here is a complete list of Dr. Paul’s political views.



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