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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Norway Fears The Results Of Terrorism

It's had to believe that these people spawned the Vikings.

You see in Norway, the problem with Islamic terror attacks isn't that Norwegian civilians might be slaughtered; it's that an Islamic terror attack that slaughters Norwegian civilians might lead to "Islamophobia":
- Norwegians are stupid and not good at integrating.

This according to Norway's Police Security Service, which fears a lynching mood in case there will be a terror attack.

The Security Service fears that serious harm will be done to Norwegian Muslims in case of a terror attack in Norway.

- We are unexperienced and a bit stupid as regards diversity and a multicultural population, says head of Security Service Jørn Holme to nrknyheter.no.

- We confuse Islam and Islamism. Islamism is after all a very particular form of Islam. I believe many Norwegians mix it up completely.

- The Security Service is particularly worried about the possibility of extreme right-wing elements attacking Muslim compatriots, and that we will have a polarized population attacking and losing confidence in each other.
Dr. Savage once said on his radio show that he could envision the day when the American Army invades Europe to stop the extermination of Muslims. He has stated, correctly, that while the press in Europe continue to turn to the left, the governments and people are turning to the right in response. I don't think that the Jihadis realize that with every terror attack they commit in The West, the average person becomes more anti-Muslim, even if the media becomes more fawning and sympathetic. But since stories in the media is all they see, they think their plan is working.



Anonymous Smarter person said...

You're not too bright a person, are you? I'm a norwegian, and you are really lost on this matter. I mean, your talking about the day america invades Europe to stop us from killing muslims? Come the fuck on! You are killing muslims all over the world damn it! And we norwegians are a hell of alot smarter than u americans. And about the media comment: Again, come on. The media in the US aint sympathetic conserning the freaking muslims, but the dumb ass soldiers going overseas to kill for a couple off dollars. And i just wanna mention: The dollar is going to hell, while our currensy is only getting stronger. I guess ur right. We can't be too smart, WE are the stupid ones.. riiiiight. Dumbass

4/19/2008 1:48 PM  

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