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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I found this in my downstairs bathroom tonight:

Apparently, it's called a "House Centipede".

I decided to let it live so it can hunt down all the filthy insects that might enter my home, like roaches or liberals. I made the same deal with it as I make with spiders, (not including Recluses or Widows- they are instantly terminated with extreme prejudice) which is that it kills the bugs, and doesn't bite me; and I allow it to live.

Interesting facts about this bug:

>It lives up to 7 years as an adult
>The Japanese keep them as pets
>They feed on roaches, termites, ants, pillbugs, silverfish- just about anything it can kill

I had a problem with pill bugs till about three weeks ago in that bathroom. I was wondering what happened to them, hehe.



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