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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bu$hitlerchaneyroveburton Strikes Back!

Moonbats are frothing at the mouth and the left wing blogs and "news" sites abound with conspiracy theories about the "D.C. Madam's" "suicide" (nice work, Karl!)

**Warning** Clicking on these links my permanently lower your IQ.

It doesn't help that she had been a guest on Alex Jones' radio show on several occasions, saying that she expected to be "suicided" by Dick Chaney.

Over on the Huffington Post, they had to closed the comments. for "some" reason.

The "Smirking Chimp" almost gets there, but pulls back and leaves it at "fishy."

Kos broke out the Kool-Aid early. I really enjoyed this comment:
I would say that it's at least a 30% chance (2+ / 0-) that foul play was involved here.

Reminds me of the story about some woman in TX who was allegedly murdered (but was officially treated by police as a suicide) to protect Dubya from a bisexual sex scandal.
The San Francisco Chronicle comments are about what you would expect. The most reasonable comment was left by somebody who had the audacity to suggest that you can't rule out suicide 100%:
I don't think you can rule out suicide 100 percent. To face 55 years behind bars just for managing a business ... wow, I'd sure be thinking about reaching for the herbicide if I was her. Poor woman. Maybe now there will be peace.
One of the more reasonable conspiracy threads was on Reddit. No, really:
Who else thinks the DC Madam was murdered because of what she knew?

Fox News has more on the conspiracy angle.


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