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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Daily Mail Lies (Again)

There is media bias, and sometimes there is complete fabrication and lies to sensationalize a non-story. In the case of this Daily Mail article on the USS Hampton, it is the latter. They report that the USS Hampton, a Los Angles class attack submarine, carries nuclear tipped cruise missiles and torpedoes, as well as a "massive mine-laying arsenal", and implies that a nuclear disaster was narrowly averted:
The Pentagon was reeling last night from the American military's second major nuclear weapons blunder in a month.

Congress is demanding a full scale investigation and serious questions are being asked about the competence of the officers in charge of the world's mightiest arsenal.

The latest outrage came as Commander Michael Portland, the officer in charge of the USS Hampton, the most advanced nuclear attack submarine in the world, was fired after it was discovered that he had neglected to make basic daily safety checks.

Last month 70 US airmen were demoted after they lost track of six nuclear-armed cruise missiles and allowed them to be flown halfway across America by a bomber crew that didn't even know they were there.

The Pentagon said that it had lost confidence in Commander Portland's leadership after checks showed that he had failed to analyse the chemical and radiological properties of the submarine's nuclear reactor for a month.

It is considered vital that the reactor's condition be fully examined every day so that any malfunction can be caught early.

If something went wrong with the reactor it could lead to a devastating nuclear accident.

The USS Hampton, currently docked in San Diego, is armed with nuclear torpedoes, nuclear cruise missiles and a massive mine-laying arsenal.
United States attack submarines have not carried tactical nukes since the 1980's- they don't need to- and gundecking reactor safety reports does not equal "missing" nuclear weapons, you frauds.

Also, while the Hampton is a kick-ass boat, it's hardly "the most advanced nuclear (powered) attack submarine in the world".


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