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Saturday, December 17, 2005

F3ar MY Ski11z!

I was able to krack into Lil' Jon's home computer last night and took this screen shot of a new rap he is writing. Check it out:

If the screen shot is too blurry to read, here is the text:

….da=da-da-da daa

I got money..(cheers) !!!!
Ya I gots money (cheers)!!!!
I rip you fool who think I was funny

Watcha gonna do YA
Watcha gonna do,
Pimp life, GG and spring I gots money,
I gots money Yahhh
I Gots Money Yaessss!

Bling dope king on tip “YEAHH!”

One time trigga dope, nigga loc,
Bitch dat runs tha’ store is a slope-1

Gotta be real with this… flex my guns hold my cock in chase the fun…son you gots the gun …2001 son and shits begun!

One Money son, and the shits begun…”naaaaaa”

UH-oh Uh-oh break down easy, shit lawn flok call dis EASY.
?????????? da break here?

It will be interesting to see if this is on his new CD.



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